ASUS G73Jh DX11 Gaming Notebook Review – ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870

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Futuremark 3DMark

3DMark Vantage

3DMark Vantage

3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming performance benchmark from Futuremark, newly designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10. It includes two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, and support for the latest hardware. 3DMark Vantage is based on a completely new rendering engine, developed specifically to take full advantage of DirectX10, the new graphics API from Microsoft.

The Performance settings were used for testing, so a resolution of 1280×1024 was used.

3DMark Vantage Graph

Results: 3DMark Vantage yields an interesting result as it shows the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 really shines in this benchmark when compared to the Clevo which contains an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 280m. Both GPUs have 1GB of on-board VRAM.  This result is expected given the performance margins found on their desktop couterparts.


3DMark06 Graph

Results: Interestingly enough, the Clevo system performs better in 3DMark06. The NVIDIA GTX 280m seems to benchmark better in the SM2 test and slightly better in the SM3 test. We would have expected the Clevo to perform better in the CPU test simply given that it has a faster processor.

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