AOpen AX4SG Max I865G Motherboard

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I found
the BIOS for the AX4SG Max to be very simple to use. I am used to tweaking
the BIOS on an AMD system, and I found this BIOS much easier to use compared
to some other Intel system BIOS’s I have seen. The photo above shows the
different settings you can change for overclocking this motherboard. The
volt settings we have selected above are the max this board offers for
CPU, AGP, and DDR volts.


The two
photos above show the options available for changing the FSB and DDR Frequencies.
This BIOS could technically allow you go all the way up to 1600 FSB (QDR)!
And the DDR frequency options are the multiplier for the RAM clock speed.

section of the BIOS comes standard on pretty much every BIOS out there.
It allows you to change standard BIOS options like device boot order.


has added an interesting feature to their PC Health section. They allow
you to change how fast your system fans run. The number you enter is the
percentage of the fan’s default speed.

also has the typical monitoring section in their BIOS.

Now we
will get into the sections you have been waiting for! Next I will tell
you about our test system.

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