Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520M 520W Power Supply Review

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HCG-520M review conclusion

As we
mentioned in the introductory page of this article, most adept PC users realize
that they do not need monstrous units for their everyday or even for typical
PCs. Antec presented the HCG-520M as a high quality solution for gamers and
enthusiasts who do want a high performance product but own a system which does
not really require a massive power output. Truly, the internal quality of the
HCG-520M is amongst the best we have ever seen, especially at this low a power
range. Antec’s choice of components might have been expensive but undoubtedly
they will increase the longevity of the power supply and, although we do not
really like the presence of so much glue, the assembly quality is above

Inside the HCG-520M

When it comes to performance, the
HCG-520M leaves mixed feelings. Electrically, the HCG-520M excels over ripple
suppression, displaying outstanding filtering and thus there is virtually no
ripple at all, but the regulation on the minor lines is weak, allowing the
lines to fluctuate by as much as 4.6% between 20% and maximum load. Thermally
and acoustically, the unit does perform great while nominally loaded but it
will not enjoy being heavily stressed for prolonged periods of time. Finally,
the efficiency of the HCG-520M is very good but not much better than what
anyone would expect from an 80Plus Bronze certified unit.

Red Side Sticker

With a retail price of $81.84 at the time of this review, the
Antec HCG-520M offers good value for money but is not beyond the reach of
competition, as multiple similar products may be found within the same price
range. Although most people would buy the modular version of the HCG-520 for
the aesthetic improvement over the normal unit, the HCG-520M is certainly worth
the extra cost even if your case does not have a windowed side panel. The
retail price difference is miniscule, less than $10 at the time of this review,
while the modular design and the half-black cables are definite visual and
practical improvements.

Legit Bottom line:The Antec
HCG-520M unit is recommended for casual gamers and adept PC users who are going
to power single GPU gaming systems or typical home PCs and would like to use a
reliable and visually attractive product capable of good overall performance.

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