Antec High Current Gamer HCG-520M 520W Power Supply Review

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External Design

The HCG-520M PSU

Antec went with a by-the-book
chassis design and so the size of the HCG-520M complies perfectly with the ATX
design guide, with the unit being exactly 160mm deep. Aesthetically, the HCG-520M
is a black power supply without many bells and whistles; however there are
several visual enhancements, with which Antec is hoping to please gamers.

Side sticker

A striking red side sticker with the
company logo and the output of the power supply can be found covering most the
side of the HCG-520M unit. Yet another company logo may be seen at the lower
right corner, embossed on the chassis this time.

Top side sticker

As it is common with gamer-grade
products, the sticker with the unit’s electrical specifications and
certifications has been placed at the top side of the HCG-520M.

Rear Side

The simple plastic connectors for
the modular cables may be found at the rear side of the unit, along with the
native ATX and CPU power cables which are coming out from an overly large hole
on the chassis. The sleeving of the ATX cable is not plain black, with a red
X-pattern formed across the length of the cable.

Front Side

The majority of the front side of the
HCG-520M is perforated, with only a simple on/off switch next to the A/C cable
plug. A smaller version of the side sticker has also been placed under the A/C
cable plug and switch.

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