Antec Eleven Hundred Midtower Gaming Case Review

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Installing the System into the Eleven Hundred

Antec Eleven Hundred parts

The Eleven Hundred comes with all the parts that are needed to mount all your parts into the case.

Antec Eleven Hundred hardware

There is a nice selection of hardware. Left to right: Left side panel fan screws, motherboard mounting screws, 2.5” drive screws, power supply screws, right side panel fan screws, front intake fan screws.

Antec Eleven Hundred tool-less rail

The 3.5” hard drives have a tool-less rail system for mounting the drives in the drive cage. The rails have pins mounted in rubber isolators.

Antec Eleven Hundred tool-less rail mounted

The drive rail pins slip into the mounting holes on the drive. The rail is bowed slightly so it grips the drive. You can hold the drive up by the rail and it doesn’t fall off.

Antec Eleven Hundred hard drive

With the rails on the drive you can now mount it into the drive cage.

Antec Eleven Hundred installed

Overall the install process went quickly. My normal test system was occupied for another test so I used some older parts I had. Even with the non-modular power supply I’m happy how it worked out. I was able to mount the Corsair H100 radiator in the fan clips of the drive cage, and still had room for my EVGA GTX480. Mounting the radiator like this does block some of the wire management holes, but there is still enough room to run SATA cables though.

Antec Eleven Hundred wires

I stashed the extra power supply cables under the hard drive.

Antec Eleven Hundred behind the motherboard tray

There was plenty of room for running wires behind the motherboard tray, and the top wire cutouts made running cable up to the fan controller nice.

Like with the P280 the front panel wires for power, reset and LED activity lights could stand to be a couple of inches longer. No matter how I routed the wires I could not get the HDD activity LED wire to the connections on the board. Not so much an issue for me, as I don’t hook it up, but others do. So, if your motherboard front panel connections are low and to the rear like mine are on the Intel DX58SO motherboard you may have some issues.

Antec Eleven Hundred powered up

With the system powered up in the dark the top 200mm does throw off a fair amount of light. So it’s good that Antec included an on/off switch for it because sometimes you don’t want extra light in a room.

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