AMD Wraith CPU Cooler Brings Much Needed Updates

AMD showed Legit Reviews the new AMD Wraith CPU Cooler that will be replacing the reference CPU cooler that they have been using for the past 4+ years. It has been known for some time that the reference cooler that comes with AMD processors is rather loud and boring looking, so we are glad to learn that AMD has come up with something new. The AMD Wraith CPU cooler features cooling enhancements, near-silent fan noise and a more modern looking fan shroud with some LED accent lighting.

AMD Wraith

The AMD Wraith thermal solution will replace the current unit. The current unit has a variable speed fan that runs at up to 54dBA whereas the new model produces just a tenth of the noise and runs at up to just 39dBA.

The Wraith CPU Cooler features an increased fin area (25% larger) with a 90mm fan sitting up top that is capable of over 50CFM of airflow. The top-flow aluminium fin-stack cooler design is something that AMD has been using for over a decade and it appears that is not going to be changing anytime soon.

The AMD Wraith CPU Cooler is rated for processors that have a TDP rating of up to 125 Watts and AMD has yet to disclose what processors will be shipping with this cooler. AMD Wraith could easily be sold as a standalone upgrade for those that have the ‘old’ standard cooler that want to move up to the advantages of the new premium cooler for their CPU/APU.

We saw the AMD Wraith running at CES 2016, but the room was much too loud for us to comment on the noise levels. AMD luckily released a short video that shows off the noise levels of the standard AMD thermal solution that has been around for nearly half a decade versus that of the new AMD Wraith. The difference in the video above is very obvious.

AMD Wraith CPU Cooler

Here is a look at the side of the Wraith cooler showing some of the copper heatpipes. AMD said that the base and the heatpipes are copper.

AMD Wraith Height

AMD did have a demo of the Wraith CPU Cooler in a SilverStone case andit was clear that the cooler was too tall for the top panel to be installed. Certainly not the best case to show off the new cooler in, but it is a reminder that this CPU cooler is larger and won’t fit in as many cases as the old standard model.

AMD Wraith HSF

Expect to see AMD Wraith CPU coolers coming out later in Q1 2016. We are happy to learn that AMD Wraith is coming as the old standard cooler was getting a bit long in the tooth.

  • LuckyXIII

    Freakin BLUE WTF?! lol

    • dmac

      it’s white, but the camera probably had the wrong white balance

      • Nathan Kirsch

        It’s white… My Canon 70D was set to auto w/o the flash for that picture.

    • ETi

      I think it’s actually white but the camera got that blue-ish effect on the pic

  • Nintendroid TV

    Wonder what it’s cooling is like?

    If Zen can beat my i7 5820k, I might go back to Team Red for my CPUs.
    Also, I hope they just leave the APU business to the consoles because I think Console make better use of the APU architecture way more than a desktop PC. Heck, even keep APUs for Laptops

  • Dirk Broer

    Can we get them without any fan and heatsink at all? Yes, I know of ‘tray’ versions, but why do they have to be MORE expensive?

    • Berk A.

      Probably because of enterprise features, but it’s just a guess…

  • Sean Kumar Sinha

    It may not seem huge, but the added value of having a half-decent heatsink packed in and saving the consumer from needing to buy one if they want half-decent cooling performance is actually a great move.

  • Arran McDonald

    This is about the only thing AMD are out innovating Intel at the moment, can’t wait to see what ZEN is like.

    • Nintendroid TV

      I don’t know, they did help push Nvidia to go for HBM memory for their next gen GPUs.

      • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

        nVidia won’t use HBM. They’re gonna use a re-built GDDR5, named GDDR5x

        • Mysteoa

          It is HBM2 for the high-end and GDDR5 for the low end. I don’t think any one will use GDDR5x.

        • GrimmReaper WithaSpoon

          Nah. HBM is an AMD thing. nVidia will use GDDR5x (and it’s been confirmed pretty much, their memory manufacturers said in their defense that they’re not working on GDDR6 but GDDR5x)