AMD Welcomes Return of Richard Huddy

Richard Huddy is back at AMD!  We just got this statement from our friends at AMD:

AMD is proud to announce the return of the well-respected authority in gaming, Richard Huddy. After three years away from AMD, Richard returns as AMD’s Gaming Scientist in the Office of the CTO – he’ll be serving as a senior advisor to key technology executives, including Mark Papermaster, Raja Koduri and Joe Macri. AMD is extremely excited to have such an industry visionary back. Having spent his professional career with companies like NVIDIA, Intel and ATI, and having led the worldwide ISV engineering team for over six years at AMD, Mr. Huddy has a truly unique perspective on the PC and Gaming industries.
Mr. Huddy rejoins AMD after a brief stint at Intel, where he had a major impact on their graphics roadmap.  During his career Richard has made enormous contributions to the industry, including the development of DirectX and a wide range of visual effects technologies.  Mr. Huddy’s contributions in gaming have been so significant that he was immortalized as ‘The Scientist’ in Max Payne (if you’re a gamer, you’ll see the resemblance immediately). 
Richard will be sharing a video on to talk about his return later this week…

Richard Huddy

  • Anon

    “He wasn’t afraid of ‘collateral damage’ either. As I briefly
    mentioned in other posts, Huddy was involved heavily in the 3DMark05
    soap between ATi and nVidia, regarding the use of DST/PCF technology,
    while not using 3Dc technology. Huddy did a lot of damage to FutureMark
    here, severely hurting their image as an independent supplier of
    benchmarks by implying that FutureMark was in bed with nVidia. Perhaps
    the worst part is that he DIDN’T mention that FutureMark worked with ATi
    developer relations just as hard as with nVidia. So ATi had their share
    of input in the choice of shaders and rendering techniques in the
    benchmark as well. In fact, the choice not to include 3Dc was done with
    the consent of ATi, for technical reasons. Not at all what Huddy was
    implying. I don’t think FutureMark ever fully recovered from the damage
    that Huddy did to their image.”