AMD Radeon R7 240 CrossFire Setup Overclocked By 100%

8 Pack over on Overclockers.UK has taken two AMD Radeon R7 240 video cards and ran them in CrossFire with the hopes of having the highest 3DMark 11 score for the Overclocking Pro Cup Q1 2014. His setup got our attention this morning as he got a 100% overclock with these GPUs! He heavily modded his cards with three EVGA E- power boards per card one each for Core, Pll and Vmem. Each EVGA E-Power Board runs $99, so he has $600 in power boards to achieve his overclock. He also needs three 1200 Watt power supplies for the needed PCIe power connectors.

Radeon R7 240 OC

How high did he get the cards? He got the Radeon R7 240’s core clock from 720MHz all the way up to 1590MHz! He used 1.4v and chilled them down to -45C. That was good enough for a 3DMark 11 score of P8957. That is pretty wicked, but he also went over the top to get that score. Check out the pictures below.

  • basroil

    So what exactly is the point of it? Even two overclocked 240s are still less powerful than a single 290X, and far more expensive (when factoring in the 3x 1200 PSU). If they can somehow get 2x 295 cards cooled enough for a 50% boost, then we’ll probably see some downright ridiculous numbers (and probably enough power used to drive a small car)

    • Nathan Kirsch

      Just to win the Overclocking Pro Cup Q1 2014!

      • basroil

        Those contests used to have practical applications that helped card designers pump up their next gen (more even heat generation, better VRM, etc), but lately they just do pointless things that aren’t even that impressive in terms of results..