AMD Launches The Socket AM2 Platform

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Motherboard Support

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When it comes to motherboard support right now ATI, NVIDIA, SiS and VIA are producing chipsets that support AM2 processors.  Of those four brands we have had the pleaure of using ATI and NVIDIA chipsets with much success. On June first motherboard support is expected from all major vendors – ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Biostar, Shuttle, ECS, Leadtek, ABIT,  and EPox.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

Legit Reviews has decieded to put a little more time into getting out benchmarking and overclocking numbers together before we publish our full thoughts on AM2.  As with any launch we have gone through several BIOS versions, new chipset drivers, and new video card drivers just last week alone.  It’s hard to review a new chipset with features like EPP memory when you don’t have the memory and then the BIOS on the board doesn’t support it.  Expect a full review of the AMD X2 5000+ processor in the upcoming days after we have had a chance to get all the bugs out of test systems and take a closer look at some areas of interest.

That said and done we hope that you enjoyed our covereage of the AM2 processors and have a better understand of what AMD is doing with their most recently updated processor series.  

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