AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta 8 Drivers Fix Battlefield 4 Crashing

Are you experiencing crashing when switching maps in Battlefield 4? It looks a Radeon video card driver bug was causing BF4 to crash, so AMD has issues Catalyst 13.11 Beta 8 drivers that offer a fix to the problem.  If you were crashing and using Radeon graphics be sure to comment and let us know if this driver works. AMD was pretty quick to fix this issue, so we’ll cut them some slack on releasing three drivers in basically a week! Many were calling this issue the “red screen of death.”

AMD Agent Ruby

The AM​​D Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 Driver can be downloaded from the following links:

Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 Driver for Windows

  • ​​Includes all Feature Highlights of the AMD Catalyst 13.11 Beta7
  • Resolves intermittent crashes experienced with Battlefield 4 on Windows 8 based systems




  • exit151

    Too bad AMD doesn’t support the HD4xxx cards past 13.9.. Cuz I love EA telling me to undate EVERY SERVER, EVERY TIME I join, knowing that the driver they are trying to force down my throat will not install on my cards (HD4xxx). Lovely.

  • Darshan Satpute

    Not working. Game crashes with showing a error even I updated to beta v9.4. Shows Driver version 13.1 always even after update.

  • katuba2

    I have a fresh install 8.1 64 bits, and have tried all the series of “enhanced” drivers beta for BF4, none is fixing the memory leak problem, the only one that works without crash (memory leak one) is the one that comes from the windows 8.1, verified by Microsft it’s a 8.x;x driver version. The only (small) problem is, when you start BF4 you get some trouble to connect because it keeps telling you it’s not the best/last driver, do you want to continue ? and you have to manually answer yes
    If you do so you can play no probs on a old driver, no mem leak anymore on my side with this driver

  • arty

    lets hope this works. i didnt buy a 7970 for nothing

  • SiliconDoc

    ROFLMAO Great feature amd fanboys !

    MANTLE PREVIEW I call it, and no doubt am 1,000% correctamundo.

    “My amd card sucks”


  • HarryB

    I’m running BF4 on windows 7 64bit with an AMD R9 280X graphics card. Even installing the latest 13.11 beta driver doesn’t solve the problem. I keep getting crashes and the notification that the AMD driver was not responding and has recovered. Very annoying!

    • HarryB

      This problem only occurs with BF4, not with other graphically demanding games…

  • ninegturn

    The crashes are not an AMD driver issue. BF4 is an equal opportunity buggy game. I actually did see a slight improvement using these drivers however….I was able to actually enter the 3D world but Battlefield 4 always crashes before finishing the map. Battlefield 4 crashes frequently when clicking on certain dialogue boxes in the user interface outside of 3D as well. Some people get lucky but this game needs fixing. If you buy it…get it from Origin and be sure to test it thoroughly within 24 hours so you can request a refund if it won’t run on your system. Funny enough the beta ran completely fine for me.

  • Mitch

    Before the beta patch i could only play BF4 in windowed mode, now it seems to run fine with one issue. Intermittent crash of the current driver build. Mid game at random the picture will freeze and i will hear a windows error noise, then i am forced to close the game using task manager, then i see a message on my task bar that says the graphics driver has stopped working and has recovered.

  • Victor L.

    The drivers may not BE the cause of your crashes. There is currently a memory leak issue with BF4 that has yet to be resolved. Many are experiencing game crashes just after a short period of gameplay.

  • DevildogGamer

    I updated to 13.11Beta 8 and it still Red Screen’s

    • Paul Margettas

      When I bought my GTX 680 I got a red screen here and there, they should fix that soon.

  • William Seagers

    You lot do know it’s only beta? So it’s still in the works.

  • Some dude

    The official AMD driver download servers have less bandwidth than what’d you expect from someone living in a cave tho, any chance we could get this driver mirrored?

  • Henry

    i meant has not crashed on new drivers my bad

  • Henry

    Nvidia cards are also crashing on BF4 AMD is the first to address the problem i cut them some slack my card works just fine has crashed on new drivers

  • shaban

    i cant install this beta it says hardware incompetence
    is it my 5850

  • Gruia

    This recked 10h of my life. BSODS, driver restarts, every problem a GPu can have.
    I am using 260x card .. ran into problems with my old 6850 as well a few versions back. But nothing like this. Its the first time I thought of RMAing a card.
    Worst support I have EVER seen !!
    Forums are full of complaints from 7790 and 260x users. How the hell can they mess it up like this

  • johnsmith

    lol no wonder people prefer Nvidia over AMD.

    • Steve Brain

      For the over inflated prices?
      I am currently using an Nvidia (not for long, waiting for delivery) and experience continuous crashes with BF4 as well.
      For several days I could not even start the game AT ALL.
      BF4 is a complete disgrace of a release and basing your opinion of an entire brand of video card on this single game is just fucktarded.

  • afaadfasfas

    dude, AMD fucking sucks bad, why they haven’t died out yet is beyond me.

    • Brandon

      AMD is good competition, with cards at a good price/performance ratio. If there wasn’t AMD, you can bet you would be spending a lot more money on graphics cards.

      • Steve Brain

        The performance-equivalent Nvidia cards already run $50-$200 more per card than AMD. I find it amusing that people think Nvidia are better. It truly gives justification to why the word “Retard” was made.

        • Paul Margettas

          If you buy your shit at the corner store of course it’ll be $50 to $200 more. The AMD fanboys are fucking retarded here.

        • Steve Brain

          AMD fanboys? Haha. I have been using Nvidia for the past 10 years and only today have I swapped to ATi. The fact you get so tetchy and insulting at the mention of Nvidia’s pricing just proves my point. Also, I buy my PC gear at the cheapest shops in Australia. Stick it up your arse and have a nice day!

  • Serpent of Darkness

    Is the game having issues because of people using CrossfireX, or are they enabling Ultra settings without any DX11.1 support from Win8/8.1, or is it actually a driver issue? Does it only occur in multiply-player, or does it occur during the campaigns as well? Hagedoorn from, doesn’t mention any issues with the driver, but he’s using AMD Catalyst Beta Driver 13.11 v8 for the testing. He did a benchmark test for BF4 in the following link:,1.html.
    I suspect he only did his testing during the campaign mode, and not the multiplayer mode. He only talked about DX11 and not DX11.1 in the write-up. So maybe he didn’t use DX11.1, he calls DX11.1 as just DX11. Theoretically speaking, maybe there is an issue with the new API and AMD Cards. The frame buffer isn’t storing the information correctly because of the API, or a glitch with it, and that is the cause to the memory corruption? I’m using beta 6 or 7, and it isn’t much different from 8. I don’t personally play BF4 yet, but in other fps-games, I don’t see any issues… I know version 6 and 7, it looks like AMD improved the buffer card setups, in CrossfireX, to the point where other GPUs doesn’t stall, or lock in a single frame… Additional GPUs won’t stall while Overdrive and Ultra Low Power State (ULPS) are enabled.

  • Zack

    Running on
    I5 4440 3.1ghz
    2x4GB DDR3 Black Panther Apacer Performance Ram 1600mhz
    Asrock H81-DGS
    MSI R6850 OC 1GB
    2TB WD Green
    120gb intel ssd 3 series
    Keep crashing..just few min on game even new drive…
    Windows 7*

  • Khalid

    The game stil crashes even with this Beta 8 Version of the AMD Driver.

  • Shichikyu

    I was experiencing crashing. So I completely uninstall/fresh re-install video drivers. Go to and download/launch pbsetup.exe then download latest pb update for battlefield 4. So far it works, I was able to play 4 maps straight. But of course it does not fix server crashing. NOTE: if you still have BF4 Beta installed it might pick it up as default so point out where bf4 is located on your hard drive. (example, my default is: C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsBattlefield 4)

  • Khalid

    The crash is still going even after the game was officially launched. I also believe its something with the game itself or AMD 13.9 Driver. Both of these assholes need to work shit out before they have it released.

    • geniusthemaster

      it this point id say it was just you.
      or your lack of knowledge about direct x and youtubes cooperation to crash people using firefox based components. i usea modular version of older direct fxiles and older flash files. runs 10x faster on my windows xp system in pae mode. (physical address extension/crappy name for enable all available ram)

      oh btw windows 3 computers turned on instantly. amazing what bulshit they feed you and you eat isnt it!

      • Khalid

        Only me! WTF! You reading it here doesn’t mean I’m the only one stupid idiot. Please, try to get out of your butthole, coz clearly u been there quite long enough to through shit like that. BTW, no other games gave me nothing wrong, its just this bullshit game. One more thing, u must be an EA fuck, coz they make shit games then later on they ask people to patch them up so they would work. stupid shithead.

      • Khalid

        And oh, try to patch that windows xp with your dick, I believe you will be forced to very soon, that if you haven’t tried that already.

      • Steve Brain

        Maybe you should stop cheaping out like a little bitch and buy Windows 7 (Hell even 8).
        Also learn grammar while you’re at it.

  • Zac

    Still getting the red screen of death when BF4 Loads, These driver did NOT fix that issue. The issue is fixed when crossfire is disabled however… 7970 x 2

  • BF4 Player

    Still experiencing Memory Leaks … For sure i updated everything etc.

    i7-4770K on Sabertooth Z87
    2 x 4 GB DDR3 1866 Mhz RAM
    AMD HD 6950 2 GB VRAM

  • derda

    Bullshit, BF4 still crashes every 30 minutes…

    • Zach B.

      The crashes that are left are from the buggy console ported game itself… But what do you expect from a “beta” that barely lasted 2 weeks… 🙁

      • justadba

        bf4 isn’t a console port. The problem is the game is a few weeks behind schedule, thus the short beta and the critical bugs. However before the memory leak the game runs exceptionally smooth on my 965BE and 6950!! While the graphics card and cpu are maxed out I never expected it to run so smooth at 1920×1200 and mostly maxed settings so the devs deserve some props for the massive amounts of improvements to the engine and for not pushing a port to the pc!

        • bf4 badass

          The difference between the console release and the PC release is like halo one compared to halo reach

          😀 port my ass

  • Paul Margettas

    Isn’t it hilarious that most of the issues for AMD Optimized Games actually HAPPEN to AMD video cards?

    That and there is absolutely no increase in performance with an on par Nvidia card!

    • Hornex

      Not really, its just the way it is, Nvidia are not perfect either. Mantle is yet to be activated and tested so your comment is not exactly well thought up.

      • Paul Margettas

        I know Nvidia has issues, but in some aspects, it is true.

        On the other hand.

        Can’t anyone take a f’kin joke anymore?

        • Kamina

          i hate it when people say dumb shit, then say it was a joke. Stand by your fucking words, pussy ass nigga.

        • nocturnal2048 .

          I agree completely with Kamina…keep your stupid ass mouth shut! Especially when you don’t know what the hell you are talking about!

        • Paul Margettas

          Oh no, harassment on the internet!
          Know what something is and making a pass on it are 2 different things.

        • Paul Margettas

          I think its sad how you have to resort to name calling over the internet. How would you know if I was joking or not? Did you see my facial expression? Did you hear my tone of voice? I bet not, so don’t call someone a liar. I stand behind what I say 100%, and that’s what I’m doing now. If you are going to be part of a community do so with respect, for others and yourself.

        • geniusthemaster

          no really youra retarded person. please shut the face- and never open it again. im not trolling im being quite serious.

          the stuff that comes out of YOUR face is professional retardism. anyone not having verbal diaghrea that bad without it being on purpose. was probably severely brain washed or being given extra plastic wrapped shit shaped chocolate at work for being a shit noser. and frankly it only reminds us how GOOD AT THEFT nvidia and intel are. so go away. fag bag. were not going to takea bribe of your shit-in-a-wrapper cholates.

        • Paul Margettas

          Your level of maturity is beyond that of anyone on this thread.

        • Steve Brain

          I love when people make comments like “no really youra retarded person. please shut the face”.
          It makes me chuckle.

        • simon

          you are totally contradicting yourself saying it was a joke then saying your standing by your words.

        • Paul Margettas

          I mean I am standing by my words when I say it was a joke. Wow guys, nobody can let this go? Nothing better to do? And yes I have the weekend off so that’s why I am commenting, just checked my inbox.

        • SiliconDoc

          AMD fanboys are mentallly retarded monsters.
          Your comment wasn’t a joke it was and is true.

          Get used to the lying pieces of amd huckster tard shit, they open their yaps and make clear how ignorant and corrupted they are every time.

          AMD tried and failed, as usual, the well known pattern.

      • Paul Margettas

        But something is to be said about battlefield optimization.