AMD A10-6800K and A10-6700 Richland APU Reviews

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Overclocking The A10-6800K

We didn’t have the time to overclock both procrssors, so we will take a look at overclocking on the AMD A10-6800K Richland APU. This processor comes with a 4.1GHz base clock with a turbo boost of 4.4GHz. We first wanted to see what kind of an overclock we could hit with no voltage increase, so we jumped into the BIOS and turned off Turbo Mode and raised the multiplier to 45 since we have an unlocked ‘K’ series APU.


The system booted up and we were running at 4500MHz on all cores, but the overclock was not stable. We had to increased the voltage from 1.325V to 1.350V in order to get it 100% stable.


Our Cinebench R11.5 CPU score jumped up from 3.55 to 3.80 points, which is a nice increase thanks to running the cores at 100% at all times and bumping up the frequency 100Mhz. Who can complain with a 7% boost in performance by just raising the multiplier one notch up and bumping up the CPU Vcore by 0.025V.


We then kept raising the voltage and multiplier until we hit 1.40V on the CPU and called it a day as we didn’t want to push the processor too hard on the retail boxed CPU cooler. Yes, we are using the freebie cooler that comes with the A10-6800K for overclocking! The highest clock frequency we could get with full stability is 4700MHz. We had to run 1.40V in order to reach this, but it was rock solid.


The CPU Score in Cinebench jumped up to 3.96 points when running at 4700MHz on all the cores! This is a nice 11.5% performance increase over the default core clock speeds.


We could hit 4.8GHz, but we needed 1.425V to get to the Windows 8 desktop and 1.45V to get the system benchmark stable. With better than stock cooling you should be able to hit 4800MHz without too much fuss! The AMD A10-6800K appears to be a very overclocking friendly processor and that is great news for enthusiasts.

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