Albatron GeForce TC6200Q Review

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Testing – Benchmarks

Now what would a graphics card review be with no graphics benchmarks? Not much I think. So here for your enjoyment are some results from Futremark?s series of 3DMarks. I tested from 3DMark01 to the most current 3DMark05. I did some poking around in ORB and found that this card is performing around the same level as an ATI X300 in 3DMark. It?s really no surprise as the two cards are around the same price.

3DMark results

What I found more interesting was the 3DMark05 benches as the 6200 Turbo Cache is putting out numbers on par with the FX 5900 Ultra the previous flagship card from nVidia. So if you were holding off on upgrading to PCI-Express because you have an older FX AGP card, there?s not much point when it comes to DirectX 9 games.

Aquamark3 results

Aquamark is yet another popular benchmark that utilizes DirectX 9. Aquamark seems to have benefited from the speed of the CPU used for testing, but the graphics numbers tell and interesting story. When I was looking around at different scores I found that the 6200 Turbo Cache was again performing above my expectations for a true budget graphics card. I saw quite a few systems using 5700 Ultras and 9600 Pro cards that were only putting up slightly better numbers.

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