Albatron GeForce TC6200Q Review

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Albatron TC6200Q Features and Specifications

  • Powered by nVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache GPU
  • PCI 16X with PCI express Texturing and Fast Writes
  • CineFX 3.0 Engine supports DirectX9.0 & OpenGL1.5
  • NVIDIA UltraShadow II Technology
  • RAMDACs 400MHz
  • D-Sub, TV-out and DVI Ports
  • Supports nView Technology

The Albatron GeForce TC6200Q that we are taking a look at today has 64MB of local on-board ram which provides rendering for up to 256MB of system memory. The Albatron GeForce TC6200Q has a GPU core clock of 350 MHz, a 64-bit memory bus, and 64MB of memory 250 MHz (500 MHz effective).  The layout of the  Albatron GeForce TC6200Q is simple and very clean compared to some cards on the market today.  Let’s take a closer look at the card.

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Looking at the card it?s a design it is similar nVidia reference. I do like the blue color of the PCB, the other thing that I both like and dislike is the heat sink. I like the fact that it is passive as this means one fewer fan making noise in you case. The down side is heat, I did not notice any heat issues but I would make sure your case has decent air flow just for the longevity of your graphics card.

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Clearly the card comes with both DVI and the standard VGA outputs as well as a TV out. This allows you to attach as many as three displays two video and one TV.

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Ahh yes good old yellow thermal pads, nothing says I love you like thermal pads. Really I would not worry about replacing this with any thing else unless your hell-bent on overclocking the TC6200Q.

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There are two 16mb chips on the top side of the card and two on the bottom for a total of 64mb. The 3.6ns memory chips are Samsung TC40 IC’s, and come rated at 250MHz (500MHz effective). There are four of these chips on the TC6200Q, two mounted on the front and two on the back of the card for a total of 64MB of local on-board memory.

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Here you can see the two 16mb chips on the back that makes up the grand total of 64mb of onboard video memory. You can also see the FCC and CE logos silk-screened into the PCB this is always a nice sign. Those logos ensure safety and regulation compliance, in my book a must at all times.

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Albatron also sweetened the pot a little by including a game pack with a few game CD?s as well as the driver disk, manual, and S-Video to RCA Video cable if you want to attach a TV to the card.

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