Albatron GeForce 9600GT-512X Video Card Review

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Testing Results

Albatron 9600GT-512x Review

As we look at the results from our testing, it does not take long to see that the Albatron GeForce 9600GT-512x is going to spank the ATI Radeon HD 3850.  In fact, there was not one meaningful test that put the 3850 even close to the 9600GT.

In all of our game testing, the Alabtron card bests the 3850 by a minimum of a 21% increase in framerates, regardless of the resolution used. 

Our synthetic tests were a little closer, well, at least in 3dMark 2006.  We only see a 4.4% difference in the overall score.  There is hardly any difference at all in the CPU score, which we expected.  Lightsmark 2007 was a different story though, the Albatron 9600GT just creamed the ATI Radeon 3850. 

The average improvement of the 9600GT over the 3850 for both the Game and Synthetic testing is over 40%.  There is no way you can spin these results to the 3850’s favor!  Looks like the 3850 is the Hillary Clinton of this matchup… it held up until the end, but the math is just not there to give it any victory.

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