Albatron 6600 512 DDR2 Video Card Review

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The bundle

Albatron 6600-512 Video Card Box

The Albatron 6600-512 comes in a sharp looking box with nice artwork. It clearly displays the great looking Albatron logo, that the video card is for PCI Express, and comes equipped with 512MB of DDR2.

Opening up the box the very first thing that you see is the video card itself. Maybe I?m being picky but I really like this! It?s rather annoying to have to dig through cables, adaptors, advertisements, driver cd?s, and games to get to your new video card. It?s held very securely with the cardboard flaps to keep it from moving around while in transport.

Albatron 6600-512 Video Card Bundle

Aside from the 6600 – 512 card, you get a multi-language quick installation guide, a driver disk, and an HDTV cable adapter. The adapter has S-Video and component outputs for any potential HTPC builders. I tested this with the component inputs on my Dell 2405FPW and it worked great. You might be thinking that the bundle is a little light. For me it?s perfect.

Now don?t get me wrong on this, I?m not a huge fan of bundles because I seldom play the games that come in the box with my new video cards. Personally I like adaptors and cables because at some point I know I will be using them. Obviously I?m in the minority on this and most of the time the bundle is what will be the deciding point of a purchase. Regardless, the bigger the bundle the higher the price tag so that?s why we don?t see any games or lots of cables, just the essentials.

Ok, enough with the fluff let?s take a look at the real reason we bought this, that shiny new video card!

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