ABS Tigas Super Full Tower Chassis

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Moving Inside the Tigas

ABS Tigas back plane PCBs

Pulling the side panel off, we can get a look at the inside of the Tigas. Towards the front we have the drive cage back plane PCB’s, and the center video card support. There are 5 molex connectors that power the 10 drives; each drive has its own SATA connector. The center expansion card support may not be able to be used by all. The support parts require it to mate up to the expansion cards PCB. Most cards these days have a housing of some kind enclosing it.

ABS Tigas PCB for the drive bays

Behind a cover plate on the right side of the drive cage is the PCB for the drive bay power switches as well as the door fan speed controller.

ABS Tigas 5.25 bay tool-less rail

The top 5.25 bays are tool-less. The 5.2 device is held in place with pins, vibration dampening is provided by a rubber pad in the center of the retention bracket.

ABS Tigas rear 120mm exhaust fan

Looking to the back we can see the rear 120mm exhaust fan as well as the 7 vented expansion slot covers.

back side of the ABS Tigas motherboard tray

With the left side of the case off we can see the back side of the motherboard tray and another removable cover panel like on the right side.

ABS Tigas wire cover

This one covers up the front I/O cabling. All the cables are long enough to reach the motherboard connections, except the audio cable. If it could have been another good 6 to 9 inches longer would have been much nicer for achieving the clean look.

ABS Tigas removable motherboard tray

The motherboard tray is also removable. This is nice for mounting the motherboard and CPU cooler out of the case.

ABS Tigas removable hard drive cage

At the top of the case is a removable hard drive cage. This cage can be used at the top, bottom, or removed completely.

ABS Tigas removable hard drive cage tray

Each tray supports both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard drives. So if your system has SSDs you have an option available to you for mounting your drive. If you’re wondering to yourself if the tray will work in the front drive bays with a 2.5” drive, no, the drive is centered on the tray, so it will not line up correctly with the back plane connections.

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