ABS Tigas Super Full Tower Chassis

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External Impressions

ABS Tigas

The exterior look of the Tigas is simple. Down the front all you see is the 5.25 drive bays and the door for the hard drive area. This has a nice key lock on it to slow down any would-be thieves from walking up and yanking a drive out of your system when you’re not looking.

ABS Tigas front I/O ports

On the top we have the power buttons, small power and hard drive activity LEDs, as well as the front I/O ports behind a trap door.

ABS Tigas front door

Looking behind the drive bay door we can see there is room for 10 hard drives. The door also holds three 120mm blue LED fans to cool those drives.

ABS Tigas side panel logo

Moving around to the side the only detail on it is the ABS logo engraved into the panel side.

the back of the ABS Tigas

On the back of the Tigas, we see that there is a lot going on here. There is the standard rear 120mm exhaust fan, pre-drilled holes for external water cooling lines and vented expansion slot covers.

rear fan of the ABS Tigas

Looking closer to the top there is an extra 120mm fan. This provides cooling to a hard drive cage at the top of the case. This also can be removed, along with the drive cage, and a power supply be mounted in its place. More on this later.

ABS Tigas side panel latches

In the upper corners are the side panel latches. Each has the ability to have a lock put on them to lock the panel in place.

opening the ABS Tigas

To get the side panel off all you have to do is unscrew the latch and pull. This releases the panel and allows you to pull it off.

ABS Tigas bottom

Now we have the bottom of the case. I can only assume this panel is used on many cases due to the sheer number of holes in it. The case feet are plastic with foam rubber rings inset in them.

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