2GB for the Masses – Corsair’s 4000PT and 3500LL

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Stability Testing and Test Setup

Stability testing:

< ?xml:namespace prefix = o /> You and I both know that everyone has a different definition of stability when it comes to their machines.  Just so that our readers know for this review, to be considered stable, we ran Memtest on each module for 3 full passes, plus, we ran a SuperPi 32mb test, as well as each module had to pass our battery of benchmarks at each speed/voltage combination used. 

 For this review, we decided to take each kit and see what it could do at the following speeds: DDR 400, 433 and 500.  Then we decided to find the maximum overclock that could be achieved at a 1T command rate, and then a maximum total overclock at 2T.

Test Platform:

AMD DDR1 Memory Test Platform



Live Pricing


AMD A64 X2 3800+*



Video Card

BFG Tech 7800GTX

Hard Drive

Western Digital 2x74GB Raptors


Corsair COOL

Power Supply

OCZ 600W Powerstream

Operating System

Windows XP Professional

*LR wants to thank Tankguys Computer Parts for providing us a discount on the price of the X2 3800+ CPU.  Check them out at http://www.tankguys.biz/

All tests were run using a clean install of Windows XP Professional with SP2. The DFI board uses the 706-2BTA BIOS. The 3800+ X2 was slightly overvolted to 1.45V with its multiplier set to x10. the DFI motherboard LDT/HTT was set to x3, the LDT voltage set to 1.3V and the chipset voltage set to 1.6V.

Now that we know what test system we used let’s move on to the benchmarks!

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