2009 E3 Expo – Final Day’s Coverage

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The Conduit

So you think the Wii is too Wiimpy for your hard-core gaming skills?  Too much Mario and not enough blood?  Well, “The Conduit” will change your attitude about Nintendo’s flagship.  Developed by High Voltage Software exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, we predict this will be the best looking first-person shooter for the Wii platform.  It will feature single and multiplayer modes where up to 16 players can simultaneously compete against each other online.

The Conduit - Nintendo Wii

When we first saw this game, we thought it was running on a PS3 or Xbox.  The developers did an incredible job with the look and feel of this and like we said before – we really think this will change the way “hard-core” gamers look at the Wii platform. Not bad for a $46.99 Nintendo Wii game title!

Take a look at some footage from the floor:

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