NVIDIA NVS 810 graphics board NVIDIA today updated their lineup of Quadro and NVS graphics cards with the addition of the single-slot NVS 810 graphics board (NVIDIA NVS product page). This card was designed for the digital signage market where video walls are very popular right now.  The NVIDIA NVS 810 features a powerful two NVIDIA Maxwell GPU with 512 cores each, totaling 1024 CUDA cores. That is more than enough power to push millions of pixels to the eight mini-DisplayPort 1.2 connectors that are there for those with multi-display digital signage installation needs. nvs-810-bracket The eight mini DisplayPort connectors can power up to 4096x2160 displays at 30 Hz. Like the other NVS cards, the NVS 810 also supports nView and NVWMI, among other tools, to simplify image management tasks and manage GPU installations remotely. No word on pricing just yet, but it will obviously cost more than the NVS 510 ($320 shipped) since it is a more powerful card in the product lineup. NVIDIA NVS 810 Specifications: