NZXT Hale82 V2 550W - The White Power Supply

NZXT is a well-known company which started off as a designer and manufacturer of cases. The company soon diversified into cooling and power related products. Today they offer two series of power supplies, the Hale82 and Hale90. As the name implies, each series has a different efficient rating. Each series is also split into subseries, three and two respectively, depending on the color of the unit and whether is of modular design or not. Today we are having a look at the 550W version of the Hale82V2.

The Hale82V2 is a modular power supply and, as the name implies, comes with an 80Plus Bronze efficiency rating. It also is white, which is a relatively rare thing for a power supply. NZXT currently has two Hale82 V2 units available, a 550W and a 700W model, the former of which is being put to the test today.

NZXT Hale82 V2 550W PSU

NZXT Hale82 V2 550W major features and specifications



160mm x 150mm x 86mm

Intel Standard


Input Voltage Range

100Vac ~ 253Vac

Input Frequency Range

47Hz ~ 63Hz

PF Correction

[email protected](Typically)

Fan Type

135mm silent fan


80 Plus Bronze Certified

Rated Output Power

550 watts @ 40°C

Hazardous Materials


Energy Saving

Energy Star 5.0 / ErP 2013

Operation Temperature

0°C ~ 40°C








Fully modular


> 50,000 hours


3 years

 Packaging and bundle


The box

The packaging of the NZXT Hale82 V2 is simple, with subtle artwork and a narrow window at the top displaying part of the power supply. It is large and strong enough to provide ample protection, with the window being the only weak point.


The box (rear)

A list of features has been printed on the rear side of the box, along with pictures of the most notable of them. NZXT also printed a table with the electrical specifications of the power supply.


Bundled items

NZXT kept the bundle of the Hale82 V2 down to a bare minimum, which is the AC cable, standard mounting screws, five cable ties and a manual. There are no reusable cable straps or any other accessories included.


Modular cables

As this is a fully modular power supply, the cables are being supplied in a separate, reusable pouch. With the exception of the standard ATX 24-pin cable, the rest of the cables are made of all-black wires joined together, without sleeving. It is interesting to note that only six cables are included; the ATX cable, one for the CPU, one with two PCI Express connectors, one with three Molex and one floppy connectors and, finally, two with three SATA connectors each. It is highly likely that all of the cables will have to be used in a typical system, or at least 4 out of 5.


External Design of the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W


NZXT Hale82 V2 550W PSU

The most special thing about the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W unit is not a fancy new technology or feature; it’s the white color of the chassis. NZXT sprayed the NZXT V2 chassis and the fan blades with a matte milk white paint, using a black fan guard to create a visual contrast. The chassis of the Hale82 V2 is not longer than most units of its category, measuring 160mm deep, which should allow it to fit inside any ATX-compliant case.


Left and right side

Both sides of the power supply are clean, without any stickers. The company logo has been embossed on the metal chassis.


Specifications sticker

The sticker with the electrical specifications and certifications of this power supply has been placed on the top side of the power supply. This sticker will be visible through a windowed left side panel only if the power supply compartment lies towards the bottom of the case.


Rear side

Unlike the rest of the unit, the rear of the power supply has been painted black, with white frames around the modular cable connectors. The connectors have a legend indicating which is which; however, the grey letters are faint and difficult to read.


Front side

The front side of the power supply is standard, with a honeycomb mesh covering most of the surface. The AC plug and the standard on/off switch are present, in black color.

The Interior of the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W


Cooling fan

The 135mm fan with the white blades and black frame has been provided by Hong Sheng, a good but not really popular manufacturer amongst power supply makers. The A1425M12S is a 1500RPM fan with a sleeve bearing.



NZXT also had the PCB made white, for some reason which we cannot comprehend, as it will not be visible to the end user under any circumstances. Sirtec is the OEM behind this power supply, a company known for their proclivity towards mainstream designs. In terms of technology, the Hale82 V2 is nothing special by today’s standards and, even though the quality of the soldering and assembly is very good, the quality of the components appears rather mediocre.


Filtering stage

The filtering stage begins at the rear of the AC receptacle and continues on the main PCB. In total there are four Y capacitors, two X capacitors, two filtering chokes and a MOV, forming a decent filtering circuit. The main input converter can be seen on a small, dedicated heatsink.


Primary stage

The large heatsink near the edge of the unit holds the active components of the APFC stage, two transistors and a diode. The passive components are a large coil and an 85°C capacitor by Teapo. After the PFC stage, the primary stage begins, with two transistors forming a typical half-bridge configuration.

Secondary stage

Seven transistors, four for the 12V line and three for the minor voltage lines, form the secondary stage of the NZXT Hale82. Group regulation indicates that the 12V and 5V lines are regulated via the same channel, which is definitely not going to pass any Haswell approval tests. The capacitors at the secondary side of this power supply are all supplied by Su’Scon, a mediocre manufacturer.

Test setup

The load


In order to be able to effectively and efficiently test any computer power supply unit, we developed and constructed our own proprietary testing station. Our testing station consists of a number of power resistors and small capacitors, which in turn are connected to a RS485 electronic relay array which allow our load to be controlled through computer software alone.

USB interface and connection panel

When accuracy and speed are of critical importance, a simple multimeter or voltage meter is not sufficient for the task. To ensure the quality of our testing, an USB laboratory interface is being used to continuously monitor and record the readings of all voltage lines simultaneously. For ripple measurements, an oscilloscope is necessary and we chose the USB Instruments Stingray, the most widely used oscilloscope amongst low voltage PSU engineers and testers.

Measurement instruments

For accurate testing and repeatable results, a stable power input is also required. Thus, we are providing power to our test samples through a 3kVA VARIAC which allows us to control the input voltage of our test samples and also perform efficiency tests under both 110V AC and 230V AC input. A Lutron DW-6091 is also being used, monitoring the input voltage, real and apparent power, power factor and amperage.

The software

A power supply testing procedure would not be complete without thermal and acoustics tests. For our acoustics tests we are using a SL-5868P digital sound level meter, placed 1 meter away from the unit (DIN standard). Two PT100 sensors and their respective displays are being used to monitor the ambient temperature and the exhaust temperature of the unit.

Complete test setup during trial run


Testing results (Regulation & Ripple)





The electrical performance of the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W power supply is good, yet far from astounding. Voltage regulation is at about 2.8% for all voltage lines, much lower than the design limit of 5% and very good for a performance product. Ripple suppression is good, with the maximum recorded ripple on the 12V line being 60mV under maximum load, half of the 120mV allowable maximum.

Testing results (Efficiency, Noise & Thermal)


The efficiency of the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W power supply is not very high but it does surpass the 80Plus Bronze certification limits. We recorded a maximum efficiency of 87.3% at half load, with a supply voltage of 230V AC. The efficiency drops by about 1.2% when the input voltage is switched to 110V AC.


The noise levels of the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W unit are reasonable. The power supply is very quiet up to 60% load. Beyond 60% load however, the fan of the power supply speeds up and becomes clearly noticeable. Even at maximum load however, it does not becomes overly loud for a mid-range power supply.


Thermally, the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W unit is mediocre. It appears that the company optimized it for low noise operation, sacrificing some thermal performance, as the temperature rise is significant given the power output of the power supply. Still, the chassis of the unit feels warm only after it has been running under heavy load (>80%) for several hours.

NZXT Hale82 V2 550W PSU Review Conclusion

NZXT has been a renowned manufacturer of cases and power supply units for years, with many surprising and inspiring items among their consumer products. The Hale82 V2 550W power supply however hardly lives up to the reputation of the company. Although it is by no means a bad product, it is simply not anything special either; with the exception of the milk white color, which definitely is not common.

When it comes to performance, the Hale82 V2 550W is doing OK all-around, yet there is not any particular area that it will excel on. The voltage regulation and ripple suppression are good but nothing really special by today’s standards, it is not particularly quiet and it comes with a, nowadays very common, 80Plus Bronze efficiency certification. It actually is surprising that the performance of the Hale82 V2 550W power supply was even that good since, technologically, the Sirtec design which is being implemented is somewhat outdated and we would expect to see it only in budget-level designs of today.

Fan view

The quality of the Hale82 V2 550W is yet another mediocre thing about it. Sirtec did a fine job with the soldering and the assembly of the power supply; however, the quality of the parts is mediocre at best, as, for example, a consumer grade Teapo APFC capacitor and Su’Scon secondary capacitors are not parts which we expect to see in units that have been designed with longevity in mind. Nonetheless, the exterior finish of the Hale82 V2 550W is immaculate, which bolsters the aesthetical value of the power supply.

With the current retail price of the power supply, which is at $88.37 shipped at the time of this review, it would seem that NZXT did not plan to develop a performance monster with the Hale82 V2 550W. Considering that the overall performance of the Hale82 V2 550W power supply is matching the levels of a medium-range product, the design and price suggest that NZXT is trying to entice users who would like a good-looking (and white) power supply for a fair price. If you are looking for a solid mainstream power supply that is white the NZXT HALE82 V2 550W PSU was found to have solid performance for the price and can be easily recommended.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: If someone’s priority lies on aesthetics, especially the white color, then the NZXT Hale82 V2 550W power supply at under $90 is not a bad deal at all.

Interior view