Zalman Z11 Plus Black Case Review

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Final Thoughts of the Zalman Z11 Plus chassis

The Zalman Z11 Plus chassis is a decent, well built, well thought out chassis design. Considering this chassis is a mid-tower, I was not expecting much as far as room inside of the Z11 Plus chassis. The Z11 Plus chassis was more than capable of being able to handle the fairly larger ATX motherboard the ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme with considerable ease. By Zalman having the HDD exhaust vents incorporated into the Z11 Plus chassis, it should help keep our HDDs much cooler during their times of heavy usage, especially if a computer user is using the fast and hot running Western Digital VelociRaptor HDDs with this chassis.

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Unfortunately, there are areas that I feel where Zalman can improve upon with the Z11 Plus chassis. The removal of the upper and front bezel could be a lot easier. I really do not like having to yank on the bezels in order to remove them, as this could cause some damage to the computer components inside of the chassis. I did not really care for the locking style of the bottom PSU/120mm fan filters because if and when we may have to service these filters, it will require us to lay the chassis completely on its side to in order remove them.  Those computer users using only air coolers may not mind this so much, but those of us who are using external water cooling with this chassis may find it to be a hassle. Please keep in mind these are just suggestions that I feel that could possibly improve the overall user experience with the Z11 Plus chassis.

The only real gripe I have with this chassis is that The Z11 Plus did not come with any of the HDD T screws that are required to install the 3.5” HDDs. Thankfully, I had some extras floating around from previous chassis.

Looking over at, at the time of publishing the Zalman Z11 Plus chassis can be purchased for $58.99 Shipped. For having a low cost accompanying the Z11 Plus chassis, it does make it quite enticing to anyone needing a mid tower chassis that can handle their computer components while adding some style to their computer at the same time.

Legit Bottom Line: The Zalman Z11 Plus chassis is a well built, stylish, affordable chassis that can fit just about anyone’s budget or computing needs.

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