YouTube Now Supports 60fps Video

YouTube has been upgraded! You can now upload 60fps videos and watch them at 60fps once they are uploaded and ready to go. Youtube is answering the call of gamers that want to watch video game footage at the highest possible frame rate. You can also now ‘tip’ your favorite YouTube video makers as YouTube is getting on the fan funding bandwagon. You can read more about these two features and all others¬†that were announced yesterday at VidCon¬†on a blog post over at the YouTube Creator website.

Here is the Battlefield Hardline: Multiplayer Trailer that was uploaded at 60 FPS goodness. You’ll need to use a web browser like Google Chrome that supports HTML5 in order to get 60 FPS.

We tried out the Battlefield Hardline: Multiplayer Trailer and with FRAPS open we found the trailer pegged at 60 FPS on our office PC that has just Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics on our Ivy Bridge processor. You don’t need a big powerful discrete graphics card to get 60 FPS on 1080P Youtube videos.

Youtube 60 FPS

  • Paul Margettas

    Is there still no difference between 24/30 FPS and 60 FPS console elitists?

    • xenocea

      Give it a rest mate.

      • Paul Margettas

        this will settle it once and for all

  • 63Jax

    mine’s choppy on Ati 5830 in 1080p and FireFox. 720p looks fluent, though.

    • Nathan Kirsch

      give it a try on Chrome!

    • Johny does

      Something’s wrong with your setup. This video card should be able to do that with one arm tied behind its back. My 660 GTX stay at its base clock of 324Mhz and my Intel 2500K stays at 1.6Ghz, sometime going to 1.8 or 2.2Ghz while playing videos at 1080p, 60fps. I’m using FireFox 28.

      I suspect your CPU is very old and weak and can’t keep up.