Are We Witnessing Elon Musk’s ‘Popular Uprising’ Against Fossil Fuels?

Elon Musk, one of the big names in the space industry and the technological industry in general, founded SpaceX and co-founded Tesla and several other companies. He is one of the voices persuading the youth and the world to reach for the stars and also claimed that the world needs to see a ‘popular uprising’ against the fossil fuel industry in order to tame the destabilization of our Earth’s climate.

We are witnessing other countries grab the opportunity to fight climate change by the horns as India (the second most populated country in the world) doubles their current capacity from 20GW to 40GW within their solar parks. Although this increase in solar productivity comes out of a strife to sustain the rapidly growing population, it still steers the world in a more mindful direction in terms of environmental concerns. What we see China doing is leading the world in producing the most solar power. The nation reached 77.42GW by the end of 2016 (nearly double of India’s projected capacity).

The United States is still a little behind in the solar industry but it will take much more effort to prove to law makers that the safety and future of our planet greatly relies on renewable energy amongst other things. Regardless, seeing that other countries are picking up their renewable energy game is great news since little progress is better than nothing. We will just have to wait and see how the current administration deals with the problem of climate change. Until then, a ‘popular uprising’ to demonstrate the importance we feel in addressing climate change is probably what we need.

  • John Roberts

    The Great Climate Hoax.

  • Christopher Robert

    Climate change may not even be caused by humans. Elon Musk is driving change to make more money for himself. So he can go to Mars.

    • SetiroN

      Climate change is with utmost certainty caused by humans, as confirmed by multiple studies. If you don’t agree with basic scientific facts such as this, you shouldn’t be allowed to used a computer to begin with. You don’t deserve to be able to take advantage of scientific advancement.

      • John Roberts

        Explain the warming on Mars and Jupiter. No SUVs there.

      • Christopher Robert

        Show me one scientific study that proves climate change is solely caused by humans. Please show me one, because you won’t find one with any facts. There are a multitude of studies that show the earth started to warm up around the same time of the industrial revolution, but that is only correlation, NOT causation. If you understood science at all you would get that. Gotta love armchair scientists who think they know everything.

        There are tons of naturally happening events that add way more green house gasses and carbon to the atmosphere than anything humans have ever done. In fact if I remember correctly there is a methane gas vent off the coast of Chile that releases more green house gasses into the atmosphere in a week than humans have in all of recorded history.