WD My Passport Slim 1TB Portable Hard Drive Review

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Free Space and Final Thoughts


Taking a look at the capacity of the WD My Passport Slim 1TB USB 3.0 portable hard drive we see that in Windows, there is 931GB available to the user as reported by Windows. This is with the applications and folders that WD shipped with on the drive. The WD software and users guides take up about 481 MB of space.


Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

The Western Digital My Passport Slim 1TB drive performed as expected and the included software worked flawlessly. The performance of the drive was found to be good, but nothing Earth shattering by any means. For example in CrystalDiskMark we got ~108MB/s sequential read/write on the My Passport Slim 1TB and 115MB/s sequential read/write on the My Passport Ultra 1TB. This drive is quick, but it is by no means the fastest that we have ever reviewed.

The main point of this drive is portability and and the metal exterior housing. Like we said in the introduction, WD designed this drive for mobile consumers that want a thin backup drive that matches their PC or Mac. There really isn’t much more to say!

When it comes to issues or negatives our only complaints are minor design changes that were done on the new metallic enclosure. We miss the anti-slip ‘feet’ that have been on WD My Passport drives for years and hate the new metal logo that actually has the ability to cut you. Our suggestions to WD if they ever do a revision of this drive is to silk screen their logo on the drive as that won’t hurt people and will lower costs. With that saved money, they can re-do the die to punch in some places for anti-slip pads!

At the end of the day the WD My Passport Slim 1TB drive is still a solid drive despite our couple gripes that we have with some of the new finishing touches. The WD My Passport Slim 1TB drive that we reviewed today can be found under part number WDBGMT0010BAL for $99.99 with a 3-year warranty. That is a small price to pay for the portability, capacity and file protection that you get with this portable USB 3.0 drive!

Legit Reviews Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: The WD My Passport Slim 1TB portable hard drive is WD’s first attempt at a thin luxury drive that is aimed at Ultrabook users! 

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