Walk Softly, Leave A Small Footprint

Well, I’ve heard of waste management, but this is blimey!  But seriously, getting rid of electronic waste is a huge issue.  I recently discovered how difficult it was to get rid of some old computer equipment responsibly while working on a volunteer project a few months ago. 

On London’s bustling South Bank, the WEEE Man has risen. The creation of designer Paul Bonomini, the 7-m-tall humanoid figure ? which looks like a menacing mechanical skeleton escaped from some Tim Burton movie ? weighs 3 tons and is made of 553 pieces of electrical and electronic waste, including 95 small household appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, toasters and irons), 55 larger consumer items (TVs, video and DVD players, camcorders), 35 pieces of computer and mobile-phone equipment, 12 washing machines, 10 refrigerators and six microwave ovens.

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