Unreal Engine 4 Meets Deus Ex: Human Revolution Inspiration

A 3D artist named Wiktor Öhman from Swedish game development software tool maker Quixel, has created a sweet looking corridor inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The environment was created entirely using Quixel SUITE and rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Other than being a tab bit shiny it looks pretty good. Check out a still image below. 


Öhman first posted about his creation over at the Polycount forums, where it looks like he started on it shortly after Epic Games made Unreal Engine 4 available to anyone interested in paying $19 a month for it. Just remember that if you make something with UE4 that ships commercially you owe 5% of gross revenue resulting from sales to users to Epic Games.

Check out the video of the finished project below.

  • Ivan Pavlovski

    There is a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

  • anon

    But when games will look like this?
    How consoles will handle this kind of graphics if are unable to run the current games at poor 1080p?
    I think we, pc gamers, are screwed.

    • Ronnie

      not happening anytime soon, if it actually happen to happen ever.

  • Ben Young

    If someone had shown me the first image and told me that a model of the Normandy from Mass Effect was actually being constructed to scale, I may have believed them.