UMIDIGI’s Leaked C Note Flagship Smartphone to Use Near Bezel-Free Screen

An interesting leak has surfaced that folks who want an Android device that has flagship features, but who don’t want to pay that flagship price might appreciate. A Chinese smartphone firm called UMIDIGI is coming off a strong MWC 2017 performance where it unveiled the UMIDIGI Z PRO smartphone. Some new details have now surfaced that hint at what the company might have up its sleeves for the future.

The company is working on a new flagship device that is likely to be called the C Note. I find it interesting that C Note is slang for the $100 bill in the US, but that fact is unlikely to be hinting at any pricing details. The significant feature you can see in the images here alleging to show the C Note is that the screen has very thin bezels. In fact the screen on the device is said to be the same near bezel-free screen that larger smartphone maker Xiaomi is using on its own Xiaomi Mi Mix.

The device clearly still has a large bottom bezel where the front camera is tucked away. That is a bit odd to have the front camera on the bottom of the phone, but that is where Xiaomi puts its own camera, albeit on the bottom right side. The leaked images show the rear of the smartphone is where the fingerprint sensor lives, right below the dual lens rear camera that UMIDIGI has made so popular with its other devices.

The coolest thing about that dual lens rear camera is that it allows users to snap a photo and then focus the photo later. One of the lenses on the Z Pro is designed for black and white photos and the lenses together allow a nice bokeh effect. Presumably the dual lens camera on the C Note will offer the same things.