TOSHIBA Develops High Speed NANO FLASH-100 Flash Memory for ARM Devices

Toshiba today announced that it has developed NANO FLASH-100 that offers much faster access for embedded microcontrollers, based on Toshiba’s original NANO FLASH. The newly developed NANO FLASH-100 achieves a zero-wait cycle during random access at 100MHz operation. This allows the core in ARM-based microcontrollers to fully utilize the superior performance and code density of applications requiring high speed and large capacity memory.

Toshiba Launches 64GB High Density NAND Flash Memory Modules

The rich functionality and high speed capabilities of embedded microcontrollers require much flash memory with much faster access rates. Toshiba has recognized and responded to this by developing NANO FLASHâ„¢ which merges two features: high speed programming, based on NAND flash memory cell device technology; and NOR flash memory circuit technology. Toshiba has subsequently brought this high level performance to its original microcontrollers and to ARM core-based microcontrollers. Now, as more users use ARM core-based microcontrollers, there is an emerging need for greater speed and large memory capacities. NANO FLASHâ„¢-100 is highly suited to this market.


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