Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Thermolab Baram Cooler

Over all, the Baram is a nice cooler. It’s well built and looks nice.
It does have a couple of downsides, though. The mounting system is the
biggest, but from the looks of Thermolab’s website, that has been fixed. The system worked well for Thermolab’s low profile
coolers, but was a little bit of a pain when paired up with the Baram.
The second thing with the Baram was the fact that it doesn’t include a fan.
The Baram carries an MSRP of around $50US, and for that price I would have
liked to have seen it include a fan.

The performance of the Baram paired with the NF-P12 fan was good.
The NF-P12 fan at 100% is only pushing around 35CFM. With a higher CFM
fan you may be able to squeeze another degree or two out of the Baram.
Also, for the cooler running Intel dual core CPU the Baram could very
well be run as a passive cooler.

Thermolab is still relatively new to the mainstream cooler market.
Their products are well built and show promise. Getting them, on the
other hand, can be interesting for those in the states. Since Thermolab
is relatively new they still do not have a US distributor. I spent a
fair amount of time trying to find an etailer that had a Baram cooler
in stock so I could see what the cooler was retailing for, but with no
luck. With its MSRP of $50 there will be stiff competition with coolers
like the Xigmatek HDT-S1283, which can be found for around $30 now.

Bottom Line: The Thermolab Baram is a good cooler, if you can find one. It also shows that the direction Thermolab is heading is a good one.

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