Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler

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Thermatake DuOrb CPU Cooler

The Thermaltake DuOrb is a sharp looking, well performing cooler that should fit in just about any mid tower and up, and some mini towers. At the $65 price point this could be considered a high-end air cooler. It’s quiet, light weight, good looking, and a breeze to install. It kept up with the NV-120 really well, which says lot for the cooler.

The cooler could cause an issue for those with tall heat spreaders on their RAM. I also feel it worth mentioning that it also gets very close to the rear of the case, so much so that it literally touches the fan body on the M998. It clears the fan enough to allow the blades to turn, but that’s it. So if you do have to remove your fan you may notice a drop in performance depending on you case and if you have side fans installed.

With the price tag of $64.99 plus shipping it puts the DuOrb in the high end air category. The price tag alone may turn some users off, but what makes the DuOrb worth the price to me is the fact it is so short. Compared to the NV-120 that is almost 6” tall, the DuOrb is half the height of the NV-120 and will not have nearly as many issues fitting into your case. I can see users sporting mid or mini towers jumping all over this cooler due to its low profile.

Bottom Line: The DuOrb lives up to its heritage, and Themaltake has once again brought to market a solid performing cooler. If you’re running a small case I’d put this on the short list of coolers to look at.

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