Thermaltake Dr. Power II ATX Power Supply Tester Review

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Using the Thermaltake Dr.Power II PSU Tester

We first plugged the Dr.Power II into a Thermaltake 750W Toughpower PSU that we think is working fine.  We attached the 24 pin, PCI-express, 8 pin CPU, and molex connectors.  Once these connectors are plugged in, the screen lights up and indicates which connectors are present.

Dr Power II connector indicators

Pressing the main button on the Dr. Power II turns the PSU on and begins the manual mode test by starting with the 24 pin connector.

Dr Power II 24 pin test

The screen remained blue, showing us that all of the voltages are within spec.  It also shows us the PG Value of 300ms, which is within spec.  Thermaltake indicates the product introduces resistance in order to simulate a load, so the product may get warm during testing.  Since we are in manual testing mode, we have to press the button to move the test to the next connector, which happens to be the PCI-Express connection.  Again, we see the Thermaltake Toughpower 750W PSU is dead on.

Dr Power PSU tester PCI express test

Next, the tester moves to the 8 pin CPU connection, and again we see the Toughpower coming through cleanly.

Power supply CPU connection test

Finally, the molex connection test confirms that this PSU is good enough to pass all tests. 

PSU molex connection test

Next, we connected a BFG 800W PSU that has given us issues in the past.  We wanted to see whether the Dr. Power II would find any problems with it. 

Dr Power II and BFG PSU

Upon pressing the operating button on the device, the screen instantly turned red, indicating a failed test. 

PSU tester failed test

Interestingly, the Dr. Power II didn’t even turn the PSU on.  The last time we tried this PSU in a PC, it would turn on successfully, however under load it was not stable.  So, we give Thermaltake credit for properly detecting a power supply that wasn’t operating properly.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

The Thermaltake Dr.Power II universal ATX power supply tester is an easy to use, quick device that does help diagnose PC problems.  This product could be a major time saver for somebody who has to maintain a lot of PCs in an IT department or for somebody in a PC repair business.  It comes with a 3 year warranty and is affordable at a price of only $39.99 shipped from Amazon.  For us, it properly detected a troublesome PSU and passed a PSU that appears to be working correctly. 

Legit Bottom Line: The Thermaltake Dr. Power II is a valuable tool for any PC enthusiast or anyone else who wants to quickly and easily diagnose PC problems.

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