Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Review

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Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case External Impressions

The Thermaltake Armor A60 is constructed from solid SECC Steel, Plastic, and a steel mesh. All of the fan grills are stamped

out of the SECC steel panels that make up the chassis and the outer panels of the case itself. It stands almost 19″ tall is a

little over 8″ wide and is darn near 20″ deep. They advertise the case as a mid tower but it is approaching the size of a full

tower. Hopefully you are as big a fan of the color black as I am because the Armor A60 only comes in black and I cannot find

any other style of panels that can be ordered in the event that you don’t want the windowed side panel.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Side

One of the first things that came to my mind when I saw this case was that it looked strong; it looked like it could plow

through a brick wall and still be asking for more. The only word I could think of at the time was “Tank”. For some reason it

just has a very strong look to it. One of the first features that really grabbed my attention was the paint job. It is a matte

black paint job and the case is painted seamlessly inside and out.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Left Side

One thing that can truly ruin the look of a nice case is to overuse mesh. And Thermaltake seems to be well aware of that

because there is mesh on this case, but it is only used in the right places and in small amounts and for all the right

reasons, those reasons being adequate airflow. The combination of the paint and the mesh gives this case the ability to fit

into any room in your house and not look out of place. And if you are lucky enough to have this case on your desk at work, you

are one lucky mofo.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Window

Since we are on the subject of things that make a case look bad, let’s talk about side panel windows. Windows in the sides

of cases are a pretty played out feature these days and if most enthusiasts are like me they can really do without a window.

The Thermaltake Armor A60 does have a window in the left hand side panel, but it is a small one and for some reason it really

seems to fit the overall theme of the case and does not look cheesy for the simple reason that it frames your CPU cooler and

the blue light emanating from the internal fans really make it stand out and gives it a look that is sort of like peeking into

a nuclear reactor or something like that. If this case had a full side window I think it would have ruined the look. The left

side panel also gives you a spot to install an optional 120 MM fan right below the window. The nice thing about this

particular spot for a fan is that it is right over where your video cards are installed and is in just the right position to

exhaust hot air right off of your video cards. So many companies put these side panel fan bays directly in the middle of the

case and it is just ineffective there because it does not pull all of the hot air off of your GPU’s. This is the side that also

features the hinged door for the external hot swappable hard drive bay. We will talk more about this handy little feature

later in the article.

Thermaltake Armor A60 Mid Tower Case Right Side

The right hand side of the case is feature free and just has the same stamped design on it that the left hand side has, but

without the window, drive bay, or any places to install a fan or two.

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