The OCZ Vindicator CPU Cooler Review

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Test 1: The Normal User

Profile 1: The Normal User (No Overclocking)

  • CPU Multiplier: 7x
  • CPU voltage: 1.2000V
  • FSB Voltage: 1.20V
  • FSB: 1066MHz
  • Memory Voltage: 2.20V
  • Final CPU Frequency: 1.86GHz

CoolIT Eliminator Benchmarking

Results: The test results show that the OCZ Vindicator didn’t fair too well and was unable to hang with the lower priced Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX cooler that can be found for under $40.  The Idle temperature on the Vindicator was the same as or worse than the load temperatures observed on all of the other coolers.

CoolIT Eliminator CPU Cooling System Benchmarking

Results: When it comes to power consumption, the OCZ Vindicator used the least amount of power, which was expected since it uses a low RPM 120mm fan to cool the high-stacked fin array.

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