Team Group Launches C126 USB Flash Drive

Team Group today announced the Team C126 USB 2.0 Flash Drive Series! Team C126 is the extension of Team Group’s consumer friendly design concept.  It features lightweight and high portability, the spin and retractable design eliminates the worry of losing the top cap. The Team C126 comes with four boldly shining colors, bright yellow, sunshine orange, vigorous blue and trendy pink. It is also offered in four different capacities; 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB to meet a variety of consumer demands. Don’t expect too much performance though as the 4GB version reads at 15MB/s and writes at just 5MB/s.  The larger capacity drives are all rated at 20MB/s read and 10MB/s write.

Team Group C126 USB Flash Drive

Team C126 provides a trinket hole that allows users to hang this compact drive on a cell phone or a key holder, not only offering the convenience of plug and play but also eliminating the concern of losing it. It’s handy and slick style is an extra for your personal charisma! Team C126 is capable of transferring photos, music and video clips in a very short time. Team C126 fulfills the need in the modern technical lifestyle where people always carry documents and audio/video files with them.

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