Supermicro Ships 2nd Generation GPU Systems

Super Micro Computer, Inc. today launched its second generation of the industry’s leading lineup of GPU servers optimized for the new NVIDIA Tesla 20-series GPUs (based on “Fermi” architecture). This product line includes the world’s fastest 1U server, a 4U/tower that supports four NVIDIA Tesla GPUs along with three additional PCI-e cards for high-bandwidth I/O, and a 2U Twin server that supports two hot-pluggable GPU nodes with redundant power. The Supermicro systems being talked about here are optimized for the new NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPU computing module.

NVIDIA Tesla M2050 GPU computing module

“To meet our customers’ strong demand, we have made the world’s fastest servers even faster by optimizing our HPC product line to support the latest Tesla 20-series GPUs,” said Charles Liang, CEO and president of Supermicro. “Our dual-GPU 1U SuperServer now delivers up to 1 TeraFLOPS double-precision performance, making it suitable for a far wider range of high-performance computing applications where more complex data calculations can be performed faster.”


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