Super Mario Run for Android Launches 3/23

iOS gamers have been playing the heck out of the Nintendo mobile game called Super Mario Run since the game launched back in December 2016. On iOS the game was a massive success with Nintendo saying that it was downloaded 78 million times since launch. Android gamers who have been annoyed that they couldn’t play will finally get their chance.

Nintendo of America has announced that Super Mario Run for Android will launch on 3/23, only a few days from now. The game will be a free downalod to star and at no cost you will get several levels to play. To unlock all the game, you will need to drop $10 to purchase the game.

$10 is quite a lot for a mobile game and that price tag has angered some iOS gamers who feel like Nintendo has asked too much for their game. That said, many who have downloaded the free trial of the game have felt compelled to buy Super Mario Run down the road.

Gamespot reports that Nintendo claims that 5% of players have paid to buy the full game. That means that the game has brought in millions in revenue for Nintendo so far. Presumably the Andorid game will be identical to the iOS game which means you zip around levels running and collecting coins to unlock more levels. Other than the main levels, you should get to play Kingdom Builder and Road Rally modes as well. As you unlock new characters in Toad Rally mode you can use them to play in main modes.