Super-cooled AMD Venice benchmarked

 SPODS at Xtremesystems have gotten themselves all in a lather over some AMD chips.

After fiddling with a pair of 90nm ‘Venice’ samples, the overclockers reckon to have unearthed evidence that the Prince Harry* of chipmaking has cured a bug which afflicting ‘Winchester’ cores.

The boys booted their Venice 3500+ at temperatures down to -40C, which may be good news for overclockers, though normal folk probably don?t give a toss.

Earlier Winchester CPUs “wouldn?t boot at low temperatures because of a bug with their internal temp probe that is supposed to protect them from working at too high temps. It reads the low temps incorrectly and thinks its actually too hot to run and doesn?t even boot”.

These Venice samples boot like a chilled-out dream, it seems.”


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