Storage Visions 2013 – SanDisk Unveils New UltraPlus SSD

Today we stopped by Storage Visions in Las Vegas, to check out the 20+ booths showcasing the latest trends and upcoming products in consumer storage. 

SanDisk Booth

The most interesting thing that caught our eye was SanDisk’s booth.  We spoke with SanDisk about their products available in retail devices or upgrades.  SanDisk was showing off their not yet announced UltraPlus SSD line of drives.  These drives will be available in 64, 128, and 256 GB sizes.  The 256GB version is said to have a sequential read of up to 530 MB/s and 445 MB/s sequential write.  They are also rated at up to 82K random read and 39K random write IOPS.  These numbers make this drive sound very promising to your enthusiast!  Keep your eyes open here on Legit Reviews, as we will have a review of the UltraPlus SSD soon!

SanDisk Ultra Plus

Finally, SanDisk was also showing off the X110 SSD, which is an upgrade to the X100.  These mSATA drives will be utilizing a 19nm NAND, and are said to have a greater performance over the 24nm NAND found in the X100.  The only unfortunate thing is, these drives are currently only going to be available pre-installed in retail products.

SanDisk x110

The last drive that we saw showcased, was the Marvell DragonFly NVDRIVE, which utilizes the SanDisk X100.  These drives can come in sizes up to 1.5TB, while utilizing an 8x PCIe 2.0 slot.  You can read the the full press release on this drive by clicking here.

SanDisk Dragonfly NVDRIVE


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