Steam Sale 2014 Has Started Early

Batten down the wallets, gamers! Steam Sale 2014 started early this year. The sale is scheduled to run until the 30th, so you’ve got two weeks to pick up those games you’ve been eyeballing. But before you go rushing in, check out this Lifehacker flowchart for how to know when you’re getting the best deal.

Steam Guide Flowchart

Steam Guide Flowchart — click to expand

Steam Sales operate on this logic too. Daily Deals, Flash Sales, and Community Choices are all temporary sales that will offer the game at the cheapest it’s going to get. If you’re out on the go a lot and you’re worried about missing a few, check out the Steam App to keep an eye on the shorter sales.

Steam Sale 2014

We’re starting out with a pretty killer lineup with Far Cry 3, DayZ, and The Witcher  2: Enhanced Edition. So according to the flow chart, this is going to be the cheapest you will see all of these games. Happy shopping!

  • Terry Perry

    Why I am Not going to buy these games New anymore 3 games here I paid 150$ for and now there 15 $ for all 3 that 135 $ would but a lot of Lobster and T Bone.

    • Ben Young

      I feel ya. If I really want a game, I have no problem paying launch-day price. But if I’m on the fence about anything, I wait for the summer/winter sales.