SouthWing SF605 Bluetooth Car Kit Review

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In The Box and On The Dash

SouthWing SF605 Box Contents

It is almost surprising how little you will not find very much in the SouthWing SF605 box.  Besides the unit itself, you only get a user’s manual and a car charging cord.  Instead of a car adapter, we would have much rather seen a standard AC adapter or simple (now almost universal) USB-mini adapter.  It was kind of a pain having to go out to the vehicle to charge the headset for the first time before pairing with the mobile device.

SouthWing SF605 Side

The SF605 has three functioning buttons on its body: Volume Up; Volume Down; and a Multi-Function Button.  Along with the control buttons, the SF605 has a suite of LED indicators to indicate power, call status, and battery level.  The indicators will either flash or alternate between red and green to let you know its status. 

SouthWing SF605 Face

Once you take the SF605 out of the box, you really see how thin and clean this car kit is.  The minimalist layout is very nice with the majority of the body dedicated to the multi-function button.  The unit is very light as well, but the clipping mechanism to attach it to the sun visor is well designed making for a secure fit.

SouthWing SF605 Charging

After charging up the unit, pairing was simple as we connected the SF605 to each one of our test mobile devices successfully.  The Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 3G, Palm Treo 750, and Blackberry Curve all synced with no problems.


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