Socket T Arrives & Comes With A Plethora Of Goodie

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Professional Testing:

FutureMark; Bapco SYSmark2004:

SYSmark2004 provides an application-based benchmark that accurately reflects usage patterns for business users in the areas of Internet Content Creation and Office Productivity.

The overall combined rating of each CPU:

Results: The Prescott’s have always done well on SYSmark2004 and with the new platform and 200MHz frequency increase the Intel 560 takes the lead.

ScienceMark 2.0 Beta:

Science Mark 2.0 is an attempt to put the truth behind benchmarking. In an attempt to model real world demands and performance, ScienceMark 2.0 is a suite of high-performance benchmarks that realistically stress system performance without architectural bias. For the Memory Testing, higher numbers represent better performance. On the remaining tests, lower seconds represent better performance.

Primordia "calculates the Quantum Mechanical Hartree-Fock Orbitals for each electron in any element of the periodic table." We ran the benchmark on default using Argon as our element.

Results: On all three of the ScienceMark benchmarks the AMD Athlon 64 3800+ take the lead with the new Intel 560 snagging second place in two of the three benchmarks.

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