Socket 939 Processor’s Arrive!!

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Synthetic Testing:

FutureMark; 3dmark2001 SE, Build 330:

Results:The Socket 939 AMD Athlon 64 3800+ takes the the lead for both Intel and AMD mainstream processors! When it comes to the enthusiast line it beats out the current Intel EE’s and falls right inbetween the AMD Socket 940 FX-51 and FX-53 processors. Not a bad showing for the ever popular Futuremark benchmarks.

Massive Development; AquaMark3:

The AquaMark3 executes a complete state-of-the-art game engine and generates 3D scenes designed to make the same demands on hardware as a modern game. The utilized game engine, the krass™ Engine, has been used in Aquanox and AquaNox 2: Revelation as well as in the upcoming RTS Spellforce by Phenomic Game Development. AquaMark3 utilizes recent hardware features of the new DirectX 9 API, such as PixelShader 2.0, while staying fully backward compatible to DirectX 8 and 7 graphics hardware.

Results:AquaMark 3 showed once again that the Socket 939 3800+ processor performs between the FX-51 and FX-53 socket 940 processors. Looks like we might be seeing a trend here in testing already! Overall the Intel processors faired better in AquaMark3 with the Intel 3.4EE leading the group of eleven CPU’s.

SuperPi 1.1e :

SuperPi calculates the number Pi in this raw number crunching benchmark. The benchmark is fairly diverse and allows the user to change the number of digits of Pi that can be calculated. In this benchmark we ran SuperPi to 4 million places.

Results:The AMD A64 FX-53 passes up all of the other processors during Super Pi testing, but finishing 4 seconds later was the AMD A64 3800+. The 3.4GHz Intel Prescott came in a full eight seconds after the the socket 939 CPU.

Let’s move on to some more benchmarks.

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