Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions (Continued)


Top Interior View of the Sentey Arvina

Up top we have two 120mm Blue LED fans. Sentey did a nice job on the wire management on these fans, as well as the other fans that are factory installed. Sentey did neglect to advertise the CFM rating on their fans on their website and on the box, unfortunately. There is room to mount a radiator if you chose to do so.

Bottom Interior View of the Sentey Arvina

Down below is the power supply mount area. Depending on the size of your power supply, it may be possible to install a 120mm to 140mm fan. Some decent cable routing would be needed to achieve much airflow that way, regardless. They do have a dust filter beneath the vents. It appears the bottom panel is attached by screws so if you’re inclined, you can remove the filters to clean them, or get rid of them altogether.

Left Side Panel View of the Sentey Arvina

Looking at the interior side of the left side panel, there isn’t much to see other than the mounting screws that hold the side plate on for the dust filter. That appears to be the only way to remove the filter for cleaning. It’s not a bad way to hold the filter on, but it certainly doesn’t make it easy to clean the filter, either.

Right Side Panel view of the Sentey Arvina

The right side panel is as plain as can be, which is fine since the majority of cases never show the panel anyway. Only noticeable thing is the screws that hold the locking mechanism in place.

Wiring of the Sentey Arvina

Here is the wiring for the Sentey Arvina. Most of it is for the front panel but there are some other areas it comes prewired for. We have the wires for the power LED, power switch, Reset switch, hard drive LED (which are sleeved together), both USB headers, HD Audio, microphone, two Sata cables, and two molex power connectors: one for the external Sata port in front, and the other for the fans. Last, but not least, is the wire for the card reader.

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