Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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External Impressions (Continued)


Top of Sentey Arvina

Onward to the top; we have the mesh panel along with the top I/O panel which is also covered by a transparent plastic sliding cover.

I/O Panel of Sentey Arvina

The cover slides over the 4 USB 2.0, Microphone, HD Audio, e-Sata, and finally an extra Sata port that is also accompanied by a power port that will allow you to plug in a hard drive without the need for an enclosure. In front of those are four fan buttons that turn the fans on and off. Last but not least we have a big hexagonal power button which has a blue backlight when powered up.

Left Side of Sentey Arvina

The side panel is painted glossy black which may or may not suit your interests. I’m not a big fan of glossy paint on PC cases, honestly. It’s hard enough to take a picture without a reflection, but you have the fact that fingerprints will be abundant when handling the Arvina. Also shown is a vented plastic housing that holds the dust filter for the side fans. Located on the end is the locking mechanism to hold the panel in place. Screws can also be used to aid the locking mechanism.

Right Side of Sentey Arvina

Here on the right side of the Arvina is a plain sided panel which is also painted in glossy black, with the locking mechanism on the end.

Rear View of the Sentey Arvina

On the rear we have two tubing outlets in case you want to add a water cooling system. Next is the 120mm fan mount area that sits above the seven expansion slots that also have a tool less locking mechanism. Below those resides the power supply mount area.

Image Description

On the bottom of the Arvina we have six rubber case feet along with vents for the power supply and case. They do have a dust filter installed; however, it isn’t exactly easily removable so if you decide to clean it, you may be blowing dust into the power supply unless you decide to remove the unit entirely. It would have been nice for the filters to be more easily accessed for cleaning. There are screws that appear to be holding the bottom panel on. Removing those should aid in getting to the dust filter.

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