Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Black PC Case Review

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Sentey Arvina GS-6400 PC Case

Sentey Arvina Mid Tower PC Case

Today we get to look at a case from a relatively unknown company, Sentey. They sent us their newest case offering in their Extreme Division, the Arvina. To be honest, I never really heard of Sentey until recently, but they offer an assortment of products ranging from cases, power supplies, graphics cards, to even coolers.

Here’s a little more about Sentey:

Founded in 2005, Sentey is a brand of international scope.
America is projected as the leader of computer products to meet the
needs of the technology enthusiast. Our organization has a network of
strategic operations in the world. Manufacturing Establishment in
Shenzen China, Headquarters in Florida  USA and Operations Center in
Walnut, California, and the creation of New Distributions Centers in all
Latin America, develop the corporate strategies of Presence,
Distribution, Sales and Marketing

Our aim is to answer to the current demands with innovation and
quality, providing value through design and commercialization of first
class computing products. Different product lines have the aim of
satisfying the needs of the users in order to get the complete computing

The Sentey Arvina PC Chassis comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. Each comes in at the price of $129.99 and features a state-of-the-art ventilation system for what Sentey considers extreme cooling performance. The Sentey Arvina comes with six cooling fans with three of them positioned to ensure proper air flow inwards, while the remaining three are to remove the hot air produced by different components of the system. All of the cooling fans come equipped with color LED lights and it gives the Arvina a clean, crisp and modern look thanks to the all black interior. The Sentey Arvina GS-6400 PC case is backed by a limited one year warranty, which is on par with the warranty that comes on other cases.

Before we dive into the features on the case, be sure to check out the video review on the Arvina PC case that can be seen above. Sentey did the video review, but it gives you a good overview of the chassis and then we can fill in the gaps and give you our independent thoughts on the Arvina.

Sentey GS-6400 Arvina PC Case Specifications:

  • Color : Black / Black (internal chassis)
  • Case Type : ATX Full Tower
  • Material : Japanese SECC Steel
  • Power Supply : No
  • Motherboard Compatibility : ATX, Micro-ATX
  • 5.25″ Drive Bay : 5
  • 3.5″ Drive Bay : 5
  • Expansion Slots : 7
  1. Cooling System
  • Front : 1x 140mm Blue LED silent fan
  • Rear : 1x 120mm Blue LED silent fan
  • Side : 2x 80mm Blue LED silent fans
  • Top : 2x 120mm BLUE LED silent fans
  1. I/O Ports
  • USB 2.0 – 4
  • HD Audio – 1
  • Microphone – 1
  • e-Sata
  • Sata w/ power
  • Card Reader : CF/MD, XD, SD/MMC, MS, M2(Memory Stick Micro M2)
  • Dimensions :  21.65″ (L) x 8.42″ (W) x 20.47″ (H)
  • Net Weight :  12.5 kg (27.56 lbs)
  • Gross Weight : 13 kg (28.66 lbs)
  • Warranty : 1 year Limited (Parts and Labor)

Sentey GS-6400 Arvina PC Case Features:

  • 1mm SECC Rolled Steel Chassis
  • Hidden Cable System
  • Removable Aluminum HDD Cage
  • Mesh Front Panel

Accessories of the Sentey Arvina

Here are the accessories included with the Arvina. I was impressed that they included a small box housing a small screwdriver, an expansion backplate, plastic risers, and the necessary screws and mounts. Also included in the box is a small cloth to wipe off any fingerprints from the case as there WILL be fingerprints. You’ll see why shortly. Then we have a Sata cable with a Sata power cord and the User Manual. Then last, Sentey included a small driver disc for the integrated memory card reader. They only included pamphlets advertising their products and showing the different colors they offer for the Arvina on the front page of one of them.

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