Senator Elizabeth Warren Pushes For Net Neutrality


Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) sent out a tweet this afternoon about having a free and open Internet that grabbed our attention. Elizabeth Warren has urged the Federal Communications Commission to enact strong net neutrality rules to ensure that all websites are treated equally. We can’t disagree with her tweets!



  • Wm Maiden

    We cannot let the FCC get away with this. I always thought that the FCC was supposed to be there to protect us, but if you watch the garbage that is allowed on television, clearly they are not doing their job. So, we should not decrease the FCC’s responsibility in this matter, rather we should ride them hard to do their job.
    Also, the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership, takes your rights to use your own computer as you wish or see fit away from you. Just as it is illegal to unlock the phone that you purchased so that you may use it with the carrier of your choice, the TPP will make it illegal to use your computer and software as you see fit.

  • Not4Marxism

    Sure, net neutrality sounds great on paper. I just don’t trust ANY government to do it properly without ultimately infringing on the freedom of free expression it offers.

    • Ben Young

      We need Linux to become a metaphysical country with an Open Source government. Then we can watch what they do, then implement it into our closed source democracy.

  • Robert Kegel

    What the FCC is doing sickens me. We need more people like Elizabeth Warren to fight for us.