Seidio ACTIVE Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

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Seidio: ACTIVE for Samsung Galaxy S3

Earlier this week we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone and found that it lived up to all the hype that it was getting prior to launching. Now that we know the phone is a winner we wanted to put it in a case to protect it the best we can. Sure, this phone has super tough Corning Gorilla Glass 2 used on the front, but that doesn’t protect the back or sides and we all know that when you drop a phone it more often than not lands on the corners.

Samsung Galaxy S III

We have used and reviewed cases by Otterbox and Incipio in the past, but this time around we wanted to give a different brand a try. One company that has been making a name for themselves lately has been Seidio. Seidio has been around since 2002 and makes mobile accessories for a wide range of devices. They also just happen to already make a number of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 – CONVERT, SURFACE, and ACTIVE. The Seidio SURFACE is a thinner split half enclosure, the ACTIVE is a slightly thicker case that uses a polymer sleeve with a plastic skeleton and an optional kickstand, and the CONVERT, which builds off the SURFACE case by adding a silicon cover and skeleton to it.  Seidio also has a clip-on holster than you can purchase separately or with a case in what they call a combo.

  • SURFACE – $29.95 ($49.95 combo w/ holster)
  • CONVERT Combo – $49.95 (includes SURFACE case
  • CONVERT Value Pack – $69.95 (includes SURFACE case + holster)
  • ACTIVE – $29.95 ($49.95 combo w/ holster)
  • ACTIVE w/ Kickstand – $34.95 ($54.95 combo w/ holster)
  • SURFACE Holster – $29.95
  • ACTIVE Holster – $29.95
  • Spring-Clip Holster – $29.95

As you can see there are a number of choices and case combinations that you can pick from. Seidio has 12 different cases and holsters that you can purchase for the Samsung Galaxy S III and then you have a pick of five different case colors. You can check them all out on the Seidio website.

Seidio Active For Samsung Galaxy S III

Seidio sent over the Active Combo for the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Garnet Red for us to review. The retail packaging was lightweight and looks to be entirely recyclable, which was nice. The front of the packaging was pretty plain and said it was the active combo version and had a sticker on it for the Galaxy S III. It looks like Seidio uses this packaging on a number of products.

Seidio: ACTIVE for Samsung Galaxy S3 Features:

  • Offers protection while only adding 2.2 mm thickness
  • Interior casing made from impact absorbing polymer and exterior skeleton provides extra protection at impact points
  • Built-in grooves for easy gripping
  • Includes felt-lined holster with face-in design for extra protection
  • ACTIVE comes with or without a kickstand which allows for comfortable multimedia viewing
  • Color options: Black, Glossed White, Garnet Red, Royal Blue, and Amethyst
Seidio Active For Samsung Galaxy S III

Inside the retail box we found the Garnet Red ACTIVE case in the ACTIVE holster. In the past we have seen cases come with a screen protector, but Seidio does not include one. They do make and sell one specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone and you can buy a pair of the Seidio Ultimate Screen Guards for $19.76 shipped.

Seidio Active For Samsung Galaxy S III

Taking the case out of the holster we can see the soft felt liner and face-in design that is supposed to protect your screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements. The spring clip on the holster holds the phone in place and then lifts away for easy access, but notice it does so on the silicone part of the case. After months of use we aren’t sure how well this will hold up. It would have been nice to see the clip over the plastic exoskeleton for durability reasons and to give you a nice ‘click’ when putting it into the holster.

Seidio Active For Samsung Galaxy S III

Here are the three key pieces you get with the Seidio ACTIVE Combo kit. You have the silicone sleeve on the left that is designed for shock absorbing protection. In the middle you have the plastic exoskeleton that clips over the silicone case. The plastic exoskeleton has a rubberized coating on it that feels nice and also prevents slips. On the far right you have the holster.

Seidio Active For Samsung Galaxy S III

This ACTIVE holster can be worn in any one of seven different positions, ranging between horizontal and vertical thanks to the swivel design of the belt clip. The holster is made from hard plastic with a felt liner on the inside.

Let’s go on to the next page and take a look at that kickstand and then install our Samsung Galaxy S III into the case!

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