Sega’s Yakuza 6 Demo was Actually the Whole Game

Sega recently launched what it said was a playable demo of the new Yakuza 6 video game. The download was massive ticking in at over 30GB. The reason for such a large file is that you were downloading the whole game reports Kotaku.

The idea was that players could later buy an unlock code when the game launched and not have to download anything else. In practice, many of the people who downloaded that demo realized that after playing through the first couple levels where the game was supposed to end, it just kept going.

This was actually the full and playable video game. Sega pulled the demo from the PlayStation Store since this was obviously a problem for them. As of now, there is no indication when the demo might come back.

It’s also unclear what will happen to the progress that players have made. The promise was that your progress from the demo would carry over to the full game when unlocked after launch. There is no indication that a hack was required, it seems that the demo just didn’t lock people out of everything but the first two levels, so this is all on Sega.