Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 512MB GDDR4 Video Card Review

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Colin McRae: DiRT

in-game screenshot

Colin McRae: DiRT (shortened to DiRT in North America) is the sixth racing game in the Colin McRae Rally series, released for PC and Xbox 360 in June 2007, and released for PS3 in September. It is developed by Codemasters, and is the last of the series to be published before Colin McRae’s death. It features new graphics, audio, physics engine, new vehicles and a new game engine which was co-developed between Codemasters and Sony Computer Entertainment. The game features a variety of off-road racing categories as well as World Rally Championship style events, and provides stellar damage, vehicle, and world detail.

graphics settings

DiRT uses DX10 for its ‘Ultra’ settings, so it was set to high instead as it was tested on XP instead of Vista, which is acceptable since it offers greater detail than every racing game I’ve played, aside from GRiD, which uses Codemasters’ newer Ego graphics engine that DiRT 2 will be using when it is released in November of ’09. The tracks played for testing were two of the first three in career mode, the 4WD Rally, and FWD Crossover events.

Colin McRae: DiRT Performance Chart

Looking at the numbers, the GSO provides slightly better framerates, but nothing to write home about, as both cards are fully playable and within a few fps on average.



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